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Dentist's in Bankstown since 1955.


How it all began at Dental on Chapel

Dental on Chapel was established in 1955 by Dr Ron Munroe and Dr Byron Munroe. 
They provided dental treatments and services to the community of Bankstown.
 During the 1970's the practice introduced two new partners, Dr William Munroe and Dr John O'Malley.

It was in 1986, the practice expanded it's partners with the addition of 
Dr Sean McCrystal, who is a partner of the dental practice today.

In 2002, Dr John O'Malley retired followed by Dr William Munroe in 2007. 
At this time Dr Anthony Thai joined the team as a new partner to the practice at Dental on Chapel.

Our "Most Trusted" practice today

Since the practice doors opened 49 years ago, our team at Dental on Chapel continue to strive 

in all areas of patient care, ensuring outstanding customer service.

 You and your family are our top priority and we will provide 

the highest standards of dental services in a caring and relaxed atmosphere.

Dental on Chapel was refurbished in 2012 and updated with the latest state of the art technology, including equipment,

 instruments, sterilization and the latest digital x-ray machine which minimises radiation and risk to patients.

We want what is best for you and excel in meeting the individual patient dental needs. 

At the same time we are committed to make every visit to Dental on Chapel as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Dental on Chapel Bankstown 2200, Dentist, Dental Surgeon's, Dr Sean McCrystal
Dental on Chapel Bankstown 2200, Dentist, Dental Surgeon's,  Dental on Chapel Bankstown  2200 Treatment Room
Dental on Chapel Bankstown 2200, Dentist, Dental Surgeon's, Dr Anthony Thai

 Why Us? Added patient benefits

Friendly and comforting staff

Our friendly staff are always happy to hold your hand when you are feeling nervous or scared.

Your personal experience

Some patients like to be talked through every step of their treatment to know what is happening at all times.

Other patients prefer to put on the headphones and listen to music to escape into their own world.

The choice is yours. Just remember, we are always here by your side.

Appointment Reminder

We will send you a handy SMS reminder the day before your scheduled appointment.

Patients that undergo major dental work. We care about you

You can nominate to have one of our team members contact you

 the day after your treatment, just to see how you are.

 Our team really do care about your speedy recovery.

Happy Gas (Nitrous Oxide) is available for anxious patients

Nitrous Oxide is a wonderful way to reduce a patient's anxiety because it is administered under the

supervision of the dentist and can be quickly reversed when it is time for you to leave.

It is also known as laughing gas and is the lightest type of sedation. 

It induces a relaxed feeling and sends you into a dreamlike state.