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Newsletter: December 2014

It's Christmas all over again

You can't hide from your dentist. We know exactly what you have been up to.

It seems that as well as preparing for Christmas holiday's, many people are doing their best to get into their dentist. It's not the kind of topic you discuss over Christmas turkey or around the tree, but Australian's are increasingly using their time over the holiday's to have dental treatments, utilising the benefits of their

        health funds, as most health funds are based on the calendar year.

Of course, December and New Year's is also the season of good food, enjoying ourselves, & maybe some
      ill-judged excess. For those of you who choose to indulge over prevention, our dentist's have news for you.

We find that some of our patients come back to the dental surgery after the holidays and say that they have made it their New Years Resolution to have better oral health. What we usually see in these patients are gum diseases, and or fractured teeth. There is no comparison to the effects that the holidays have on your teeth if you do not have proper dental hygiene and a strict cleaning regime.

Both Dr McCrystal and Dr Thai have advice for their patients over the holidays.

Teeth and Red Wine
 don't always go well together.

The dangers of Nuts 
at Christmas Time.

If you are partial to a glass of Merlot over Christmas, keep in mind the words of Dr McCrystal. "Red wines in particular cause teeth to get pigmented or develop spots. But the worst effect it has on your teeth is when you drink red wine and go to sleep without brushing your teeth". If you would rather go for cocktails, just avoid cracking the ice with your teeth.

Dr Thai also warns us about the dangers of Nuts during the festive season."Any kind of hard shell nut, peanuts, pistachio's, etc. They are the ones that usually cause a tooth to fracture or break over the holidays. They are even hard enough to break porcelain and metal restorations, so be extra careful.

Leave the Nut cracking to the Nutcracker.

From all the team at Dental on Chapel, we wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year for 2015.