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Tooth, Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste

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Healthy Eating Tips

A healthy diet is just as important as a good cleaning routine.
 What you consume and how often you eat impacts the health of your teeth.
Eat nutritious foods to stimulate saliva and strengthen enamel. 
Limit processed foods and beverages that are high in sugar and carbohydrates.
The human body coverts sugar into acid which can attack tooth enamel, causing decay and discolouration.
Healthy Eating Tips

Recommended cleaning at home daily routines

You must brush your teeth at least twice a day and after meals to remove plaque and clean tooth surfaces. 

Floss once per day to ensure leftover food debris hiding between teeth is removed from places your toothbrush can not reach.

 Using a mouthwash and fluoride toothpaste is also highly recommended. 

This can strengthen tooth enamel, remove more bacteria and prevent tooth decay. 

To ensure you achieve an effective dental clean we recommend that you replace your tooth brush every three months.

Recommended Cleaning at home daily routines

Bi-annual professional oral care

By visiting Dental on Chapel every six months for a dental assessment and professional clean,

you implement a vital role in maintaining your oral health.

Bi-annual Professional Clean

Concerns about Mercury in Dental Amalgam

While high levels of mercury are harmful to human health, the level of 'free' mercury (mercury that could get into the body) 

in set amalgam is so small that it is not enough to have any effect on health.

The current advise from the National Health and Medical Research Council (AHMRC) in Australia is that,

for most people these low levels of mercury exposure will not affect their general health. 

There is also no clinical evidence to support any connection between amalgam fillings and cancer.

Patient Informed Consent

We advise our patients that any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.

 Before proceeding with a surgical or invasive procedure, you should seek a second opinion from a qualified health practitioner.